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We have two riverbeats in the river Orkla, Kløvsteinhølen og Norvollhølen-Engan, approximately 9 kilometres (5,59 miles) from the camping site.



Kløvsteinhølen: A 700 metres (765,53 yards) long pool. Downstream boarder from the inlet port of the power station Svorkmo, directly upstream Bjørsetdammen. The upper part of the pool is suitable for flyfishing, while worm, lure or wobler should be used in the lower part. Boat may be used in the lower part of the pool, and may be rented by arrangement. Our pool is located on the east bank. Fishing from the left bank may occur with all types of equipement. Rental: Before the 1 of May are week-cards sold. After the 1 of May both week-cards and day-cards are sold. Maximum 5 cards per day.


Nordvollhølen – Engan: About 750 metres (929,57 yards) devided on two zones. The pool begins approximately 1 kilometer (0,62 miles) downstream the center of Meldal. It starts below a rapid upstream. Deep pool in the upper part of the riverbeat. You find the deepest part on this side of the river. The lowest zone begins in a long stretch and ends in the middle of a rapid. Most suitable for flyfishing (spaycast), worm and lure.



Kløvsteinshølen:                                            Nordvollhølen:


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